My Sister (a poem by my brother)

7 02 2010

I asked my 8 year old brother to write me a poem to put in my room. When he finished he said “That’s the first poem I ever wrote” and he’s been grinning since.

There once was a girl called Chloe

She hated it being snowy

She likes to sing in the bath

While we all have a laugh

She never shuts up

She always shouts at us

But she is very clever

And she is a nerd.



9 01 2010

(For some reason, I can’t get spaces between the verses.)

This is your initiation

Judgement without complication

Leave your pity at the door

Bring the sins that we adore

Feed our minds and feed our eyes

Be the one we all despise

You could be our new addiction

Feed us with spiteful, brutal fiction

Low is our tolerance for chores and normality

We’re aesthetic elite without rules or morality

Forget all your prayers, there’s no chance of salvation

Forget about love; this is infatuation

Forget about equality, we’re here to win

All we need is your life and then baby,

You’re in.