9 01 2010

(For some reason, I can’t get spaces between the verses.)

This is your initiation

Judgement without complication

Leave your pity at the door

Bring the sins that we adore

Feed our minds and feed our eyes

Be the one we all despise

You could be our new addiction

Feed us with spiteful, brutal fiction

Low is our tolerance for chores and normality

We’re aesthetic elite without rules or morality

Forget all your prayers, there’s no chance of salvation

Forget about love; this is infatuation

Forget about equality, we’re here to win

All we need is your life and then baby,

You’re in.




One response

16 01 2010
Gabriel Gadfly

I’m not a fan of poems with heavy end-rhymes, but your word choices here are spot-on, and I really like the way the rhyme scheme varies at the end. Well done.

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