Not in Shadow

4 02 2010

What follows is my entry to Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 word challenge. This week the prompt word was Darkness. Enjoy!

She sat at the table furthest from the front. Her classmates came in at once, shouting and pushing their way through the door, laughing about some joke that had gone on far too long. He was the last to enter, taking the seat next to her as the teacher asked for volunteers to read the poetry they’d been working on. She was proud of her piece. It was meaningful and had its own humour, but she sat silently, looking down.

“You can’t hide in shadows forever.” He whispered. “The sun’ll get to them eventually.”

She smirked. “I hide in darkness.”




6 responses

4 02 2010
Tara R.

Nicely done.

4 02 2010

I love this. It says so much about youthfulness, about being young, shy, incomplete and yet, anxious to be ….

Well done.

4 02 2010

Very nice. We can all remember being torn between wanting to be noticed and wanting to be invisible.

8 02 2010

I like this. Would you say that blogging is also a way of hiding in the darkness? (It is for me!)

9 02 2010
Velvet Verbosity

You remind me so much of my niece. I’m so tickled, by the way, to have a young writer on board. God how I wish blogs were in existence when I was a teenager! I guess I love the idea that I can watch a young writer explore and evolve. 🙂

Very sweet piece. You captured whole histories of these two youths in just 100 words. Well done.

9 02 2010

A lot of hidden meanings in your piece, and I so wanted to know more about what was going on between ‘him’ and ‘her’.

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