Quick update on the Spider Network

14 02 2010

So I wrote the first chapter, and then I lost it. The file is nowhere to be found. I’ve been trying to rewrite it for the past couple of days, but the internet has too many distractions. So here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to turn my laptop off in a minute, and I’m going to forget what I’ve already written, and start again, on paper.
  • Later today, or early tomorrow, I’m going to type it all out, making a few changes as I go.
  • I promise you, dearest blog readers, that Chapter 1 will be up by Tuesday, and Chapter 2 will be up by Friday, and then I will follow my every-Thursday schedule.

First character’s name: Cordelia.


The Spider Network: plans.

31 01 2010

There’s a piece of A4, plain paper lying around here somewhere with a very brief and very messy plan for a novel called The Spider Network. The idea came after the rush of NaNoWriMo, in the weeks after when you frantically search for ideas for the next year. As I have 2 more plans lying around that I’m positive can give me enough passion, inspiration and plot to win this year, I’ve decided to start writing the Spider Network as my very own  online novel. If everything goes to plan, a new chapter will be added every Thursday (this is because it sounded right) and there will be 25 chapters, not including the prologue and epilogue that I might not write.

I still haven’t got everything (or really, anything) perfected or even organized in my head, but here’s what I’m planning:

The story will be about a telepathic connection between 24 seemingly unconnected people, all from different parts of the world. They will eventually meet (or maybe not). They will try to find out why and how they can communicate this way and more importantly, how they can stop it.

Each chapter will follow a new character, and the final chapter will follow all of them.

So Chloe, when’s this thing going to start?

I’m working on the planning as you read this, most likely, and I’m hoping to bring you the first slice by February the 11th. The whole thing should be finished in mid-July, and after that it’ll probably go through a load of editing and maybe if I can get a bit more knowledge of  technology I’ll put it all on one of those PDF thingamajigs.