If slow and steady won the race, I’d have a trophy room full by now.

28 03 2010

I’m about to tell you a dark, shameful secret that may leave you stunned and speechless: I’m lazy.

It’s one of the hardest things for me to admit. Even when I do one not-lazy thing in a day, I’ll exaggerate it and then go on talking about all the necessary things I did like eating and walking to school. Maybe I’ll say “Oh, I didn’t do much” instead, but I always have make it sound like I did something, for fear of people losing interest in me.

I could say since the last time I posted I’ve had birthday parties to go to and a show (Derren Brown @ The Bristol Hippodrome, absolutely fantastic) but they’re no excuse for neglecting this blog. The truth is, I’m just horridly lazy.

I haven’t re-finished the first chapter of the Spider Network yet because I’m so great at procrastinating, but I have got about half of it now, and I’ll be working on it today and probably tomorrow too. It’ll be up sometime in the week, I pinky swear! Keep checking back for it!

I’d like to thank the small handful of people who’ve been checking this blog every now and then over the past few weeks. The internet won’t let me see who you are, but I can see on my stats that there have been people looking at this blog, either from the link on my Twitter or without a “referrer” so thanks!

P.S. I’ll be making a new banner for the blog later in the week.

P.P.S. I now have a new email address – OlympicKnitter@googlemail.com


Quick update on the Spider Network

14 02 2010

So I wrote the first chapter, and then I lost it. The file is nowhere to be found. I’ve been trying to rewrite it for the past couple of days, but the internet has too many distractions. So here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to turn my laptop off in a minute, and I’m going to forget what I’ve already written, and start again, on paper.
  • Later today, or early tomorrow, I’m going to type it all out, making a few changes as I go.
  • I promise you, dearest blog readers, that Chapter 1 will be up by Tuesday, and Chapter 2 will be up by Friday, and then I will follow my every-Thursday schedule.

First character’s name: Cordelia.