13 02 2010

The following is this weeks entry to the 100 word challenge from Velvet Verbosity. I don’t like it that much, but it was a tricky word this week: Overall.

“I was late for work, I spilled coffee all over my brand new skirt and spent the whole day smelling like an espresso, my boss kept hitting on me and gave me tonnes of paperwork when he realized I’m really not into him.”

That earned a chuckle.

“Aw, Babe, don’t get stressed.”

“You! Don’t even get me started on you.” she tried to keep quiet but failed inevitably. “I asked you to do one thing. ONE thing, Danny. You can’t even make toast without starting a fire! … Oh. And Jessie wants a pony.”

“So, uh … not a bad day, overall?”


Not in Shadow

4 02 2010

What follows is my entry to Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 word challenge. This week the prompt word was Darkness. Enjoy!

She sat at the table furthest from the front. Her classmates came in at once, shouting and pushing their way through the door, laughing about some joke that had gone on far too long. He was the last to enter, taking the seat next to her as the teacher asked for volunteers to read the poetry they’d been working on. She was proud of her piece. It was meaningful and had its own humour, but she sat silently, looking down.

“You can’t hide in shadows forever.” He whispered. “The sun’ll get to them eventually.”

She smirked. “I hide in darkness.”

Thirty Green Bottles

29 01 2010

This is my entry to this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Velvet Verbosity. The prompt this week is Thirty.

There were bottles on the windowsill; dusty, all green and organized into rows of ten. There were three rows, almost. Almost. Each one contained a rolled up piece of paper, golden by age. She took the last sip from her Heineken bottle and peeled off the label – slowly, carefully, reluctantly. Then she took her notepad, newly bought but made to look worn.

It’s never too late she wrote, before tearing out the page and curling it.

“There were thirty green bottles…” she started to sing under her breath as she walked towards the window.

She remembered when there were ten.

(Just in case you don’t know or have forgotten the song I drove my mother insane with as a child, click here.)