Stalkers and abuse at church? Not nice.

6 12 2009

Hello again. My life? Yeah, it’s going pretty damn great thanks. Came home for the weekend and damn, I’m enjoying internet access on the laptop. Going back to Grans tomorrow because I just miss her cat Tim-tims so much. It’s really peaceful and quiet down there, and I can really focus on some writing. Talking of writing, I wrote a poem the other day which I’ll post some time soon. I haven’t written much more of my NaNovel, but I have got planning in the works for another, which I think is considerably better. Only clue you’re getting is the title: The Spider Network.

In other news, you’re probably wondering about the title.

Number 1: My mother had an asthma attack last night. She’s okay now, but the reason behind it was that she was being followed by a tall, skinny teenager in a black hoodie. Apparently he asked her what the road was and after she told him he followed her and asked her where she lived, whether she was married, if she had kids. When she told him it was none of his business and asked why he was following her, his answer was “I’m waiting for a mate.”

Ah, the youth of today. It’s a good thing I’m not one of those this generation is hopelessly stupid types.

Number 2: We received a letter from the police yesterday. It said that someone from the bible club they go to had been arrested and let out on conditional bail because of allegations of abuse on a little girl. I mean, it’s not acceptable anywhere, but in church?! They couldn’t say who it was, but we have our suspicions. A certain member there has hurt my brothers while they were playing a lot of times. Anyway, my brothers are still going. I’m in awe, to be quite honest. It’s a CHURCH. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen in churches, right? You’d think so, anyway.

On a lighter note, because we really do need one, I’m buying individual decorations for my Christmas tree, and have 4 so far, with ribbon as opposed to tinsel. I’m also making paper chains for my ceiling. My mum came in earlier, asked what I was doing, then when it was explained to her she said: “That’s very … creative. I admire your spirit.”

Seriously? That’s the kind of thing you say to 8 year olds who can’t draw.


Night folks.





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