Chasing the NaNo train.

22 11 2009

I’m afraid I’m quite behind. Catching up fast though, I must say.
I’m now on 22K, still considerably off track, and approaching the last week.

Less than 8 days if you’re going by the timer on the nanowrimo main page.
I never noticed that timer before … is it new?

The important thing to me is that I’m now above the average amount of words for my region on the Word Count Scoreboards.

My newest started chapter (chapter 8 ) is called Wonderland, and it’s by far the most exciting thing I’ve written so far, and I’m quite enjoying it.
Have a lot of homework to do today, which I haven’t started yet, so I best get doing it.

A tip for NaNoWriMo participants: If you think your plot isn’t going to last to 50K words or you’re bored with what you’re writing at the moment, have your characters discover something. It could be a room, a photograph album, journal, parchment, microchip, book or anything at all, and make sure it’s something you’re interested in yourself! It could even end up as a vital part of your plot if you play your cards right, like my Wonderland room and it’s 3 little doors and what might or might not be behind them.

If I can make it when I had a 7 day break, then you can make it too.




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