I live for the days when I realize almost everything I do is worth blogging about.

16 11 2009

Today, dear people of the internet, was extra ordinary.

Things I did today/that happened today:

  • Got to school ON TIME and stayed all day.
  • Had double Geography first. The conversation in that lesson went from dams to books to Megan Fox to Beijing to Holland to Cannabis to prostitution to massages. I think I learnt a fair few new words, but maybe not ones to use in any civilised conversation.
  • Ate a banana at break, but lost my orange at lunch because it rolled away from me.
  • Had double Art, in which Elliot (who insists on calling me Lets Go Chase The Sunset because of a Bebo page I had over a year ago) fanned me with an A3 cutting board and made my rubbish go all over the floor. Got a cat stencil cut out though, and someone said I was safe, not that I’d been feeling in any particular danger, but it’s nice to know.
  • Sat with the normal lot at lunch until me and Lily went to find Emily and ended up sitting with a load of boys, discussing Jedward. I do love Jedward.
  • Decided to look at Travel and Tourism as a “filler lesson”.
  • Had English, started an essay on 2 rather fantastic pieces of poetry, I think NaNoWriMo has brought out those long words I’d been hiding for an English lesson on a rainy day. Indeed, the rain was desperate to feel already slippery mud today.
  • Walked home in the ran to find a cup of tea and a bath waiting for me, courtesy of my mother. I love when she does that for me.
  • Told brother to stop whining at least 2 dozen times.
  • Blogged about my day.


Things I need to do today:

  • Check for homework and get it done if need be.
  • Get homework diary signed.
  • Record the 3D magic thing with Derren Brown
  • Watch Flash Forward and Ugly Betty, recording I’m a Celeb at the same time.
  • WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. NaNoVille is missing me already, it’s called me 7 times today and left 2 voice messages.


Will have to buy more rewards tomorrow, and ouch, my throat hurts.


P.s. I wrote a Haiku early this morning …

Toast turns slowly black

Charcoal is my fav’rite snack

Breakfast time again


(Shush, favourite wouldn’t fit)




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