NaNoWriMo sounds like an iPod theme tune.

12 10 2009

It isn’t. It’s National Novel Writing Month. It’s November. Fear me, I’m a first-year.
I’ve been hanging around the NaNo forums a hell of a lot.
I’ve also been in the VF cult for this event.

30 days, 50, 000 words. No problem, right?

I’ve been slowly doing my outline.
This is what I’ve got: A girl (14-18), trapped in a room. Don’t know what by yet. Her imagination is the key to her escape. Fun, right?

Possible title: Freedom Fictitious.

I’ve been working on character sheets for days.

You should totally check it out at

I’m yet to type my Day Zero List. Finished it with pen & paper though.
Might be joining a choir type thing.

P.s. If anyone reading this is doing NaNo, or is interested, comment this please.




5 responses

12 10 2009

I’m doing second year NaNo! It’s a blast, you’ll love it! Write on!!!

12 10 2009

Awesome! How many words did you get last year? Any tips for Little Miss Newbie here?

15 10 2009

50,000 something – I don’t remember the exact number.

Tips? Write. A lot. Every chance you get. Carry a pen and paper with you – I remember getting ideas while watching people at choir, lol.

Other than that . . . I like Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab – Write or Die!
It’ll put you on a timer and beep at you if you go too long without writing anything. It’s kinda fun. šŸ™‚

I’m musicmaiden, if you want to add me as a buddy. šŸ™‚

15 10 2009

Oh, just logged in on the site and saw you already did. šŸ˜€ We’ll have to do a word war!!!

15 10 2009

I’ll have to remember the pen and paper thing. O have a horrible habit of going outside and taking absolutely nothing with me.

Thanks for the site.

And congrats on getting 50K last year!

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